Did You Know?

50% of homeless youth in Metro-Vancouver have had experience with the foster care system and 11% indicated "aging out" of government care as the reason for first experiencing homelessness. Not having families supporting them makes it difficult for youth from care to enter housing markets and more prone to homelessness.

Approximately 1000 youth will leave BC government care each year.

6 Benefits Of Joining The Friendly Landlord Network
  1. Fill vacancies quickly
  2. Regular program check-ins at the unit, helping to ensure the safety of your suite
  3. Tenancy Support from trusted organizations, helping you keep long-term tenants
  4. First access to financially-supported tenants, helping you get your rent on time
  5. Gain public recognition and enhanced community reputation as an agent of change for youth homelessness
  6. Access perks and incentives from our social enterprise partners, including discounted mortgage, home and life insurance services
Register To List Your Property

In order to list your property and search for tenants, you will need to be registered with the Friendly Landlord Network. This site has been developed to support a vulnerable population, and for this reason we screen all potential landlords before providing access to this site. Thank you for your patience. Leave your contact details here and we will be in touch shortly.

If you become a Friendly Landlord, you may access perks and incentives from our social enterprise partners! The Friendly Landlord Network is proud to partner with EMC Mortgages, Brinco Financial Services, iQ Insurance and Aunt Leah's Urban Thrift store. You may also be eligible for energy-saving upgrades through BC Hydro’s Energy Conservation Assistance program.